SSG is hiring a consultant

For this recruitment, SSG is looking to bring on a consultant with specific experience in:

    1. Project Leadership. This includes being a primary point of contact with clients, leading and managing SSG Project Teams, and leading the writing of final project reports.
    2. Climate Change Adaptation/Vulnerability/Resilience Project Delivery. This includes  analyzing and interpreting modelling outputs from SSG’s technical staff, researching qualitative climate hazards and vulnerabilities, completing background reviews of municipal policies, reports, and other published documents.
    3. Climate Action Plan Implementation. This includes understanding municipal government structures and developing system change models required to implement climate action plans in their organizations, identifying applicable and available funding mechanisms to support policy implementation, and developing policies and actions for implementation across these sectors to achieve climate goals;

SSG’s ideal candidate is looking for long-term employment, with an interest in becoming a committed member-owner of the co-operative.

Complete job description.