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Just Us! Coffee Roasters Co-op – Growing a Business

Coming in from the crisp, cold morning in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley, the heat generated by the roasting machine is most welcomed. The smell of the coffee, as it makes its many thousands of rotations over the gas flame, is intoxicating. Down in the lower level of Just Us! Coffee Roasters Co-op in New Minas, Nova Scotia, David Mangle spends most mornings supervising the transformation of the glossy green organically grown beans into the aromatic coffee bearing such enticing names as “Jungle Blend,” “French Roast” and “Rainforest Rhapsody.” Only eight years ago, David would have spent his mornings teaching music at the local high school. The idea of starting the worker co-op grew from a commitment of a group of friends and family members who wanted to own their own business, which contributed to their personal satisfaction and desire for a more just society. They wanted to offer a fair…

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