Test Automation Software Engineer – Hypha Worker Co-operative

Location: Remote

Compensation: 84,396 – 109,647 CAD

Time commitment: 32 hours/week

Application deadline: January 22, 2024 (or until filled — if it’s on our website, the position is still open)

Start date: February 12, 2024

Hypha Worker Co-operative (Hypha) is looking for a mid-level software engineer with experience (or interest) in test automation to join the Cosmos Hub Team. This team stewards the Cosmos Hub’s Testnets Program – a public testnet where app developers, chain builders, and validators can take things for a spin before they hit production. Don’t worry if you don’t know what all those words mean – we don’t require specialized knowledge in Cosmos, any specific blockchain, or blockchain technologies in general. You’ll stand out if you’re interested in learning about this domain, though.

Complete job description.