Annual General Meeting, October 31, 2015 Resolution

Topic: Dues for Associate Members
Submitted by the CWCF Board of Directors

WHEREAS CWCF has two types of Associate Members:
1) those which join as CWCF supporters and pay $500 / year in dues, and
2) those which join to get access to the CWCF RRSP Program and pay $100/ year in dues, and

WHEREAS some of the co-operatives in CWCF’s RRSP program have requested the ability to also offer Tax-Free Savings Accounts (“TFSA’s”),

WHEREAS CWCF has obtained approval from Concentra Financial and the Canada Revenue Agency to add an additional member service, a TFSA Program, open to both worker co-op members and associate members,

WHEREAS the associate member dues to enable access to the RRSP program should enable use of the RRSP program and/or TFSA progam,

WHEREAS the resolution approving the special $100 dues level for some associate members referred only to those using RRSP’s, and

WHEREAS this is not an issue for worker co-op members of CWCF, since they have access to all CWCF member services,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the dues for an associate member who enters a contract to subscribe to the CWCF RRSP program and/or TFSA program will be $100 per year.