CWCF Welcomes Ashley Igboanugo as JEDDI Intern

CWCF is thrilled to welcome Ashley Igboanugo as our JEDDI Intern, supported by the CreateAction youth employment program. With an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, and expertise and passion for equity, diversity, and inclusion. Ashley’s qualifications align perfectly with the transformative goals of the JEDDI Social Acquisition/Business Conversion Project.

In her role, Ashley will collaborate closely with CWCF staff, executing the project’s mission and strengthening the expertise network within the Social Innovation and Social Finance community. Her focus will be on empowering equity-denied groups, including women, BIPOC individuals, Indigenous communities, LGBTQ2S+ individuals, newcomers, visible minorities, people with disabilities, and youth.

Ashley’s contributions as a JEDDI Intern will encompass creating tailored education materials, conducting research, and delivering engaging presentations to inspire individuals within equity-denied groups. Her goal is to broaden their understanding of Social Purpose Organizations (SPOs) and encourage the conversion of traditional businesses into impactful SPOs.

With her background in psychology and unwavering commitment to equity and inclusion, Ashley’s leadership skills, creative problem-solving, and collaborative mindset will strengthen the expertise network within the Social Innovation and Social Finance community. Her bilingual proficiency in English and French enhances her ability to connect with diverse individuals.

Ashley’s dedication to creating a more equitable society is evident through her advocacy and implementation of programs promoting economic and academic achievements among marginalized communities. With Ashley as our JEDDI Intern, CWCF is confident in our ability to drive positive change and foster a more just and prosperous future.

We warmly welcome Ashley Igboanugo and anticipate the significant impact she will make in advancing our mission through the JEDDI Social Acquisition/Business Conversions Project.