London Brewing Receives Worker Co-op Best Practices Award

The Worker Co-op Best Practices Award goes to a worker co-operative which has demonstrated best practices in governance and/or operations, including in upholding the values and principles of the co-operative movement within their co-operative, and has shared, or is willing to share their experience and learnings with other worker co-operatives in Canada.

This year’s award went to London Brewing, which member Aaron Lawrence graciously accepted on behalf of the Co-op. London Brewing received the award in part for their commitment to sourcing local, organic ingredients, for incorporating sustainability into their operations and their unique marketing approach using social media. And as this year’s award winners, they gave a humorous and informative presentation on marketing during the Conference session on that topic. The presentation traced how despite initial struggles to create a coherent narrative in their marketing efforts, London Brewing has since found a voice and image that allow it to effectively promote its status as a brewer of locally sourced organic beer and also as a worker co-op.

More information on how the Co-op grew into an award-winning and community-supporting fixture in London is available in this interview of member David Thuss with Colin Anthes of Community Wealth Candidates. In the interview, David explains how the co-op grew from humble beginnings with the support of the local community, support it has returned in buying from local farmers and suppliers. And although London Brewing occupies something of a niche in using local ingredients, it’s a practice the Co-op is eager for other breweries to adopt. 

Congratulations London Brewing on a well-deserved honour!