CWCF Conference 2019:

Building Resilient Communities – Ecology, Equality, and Workplace Democracy Construire des communautés résilientes – L’écologie, l’égalité et la démocratie au travail Hashtag #cwcf-cz2019 This is the theme for the CWCF 2019 Conference, which took place in Tatamagouche, NS from October 24th – 26th, in conjunction with CoopZone. As with all businesses, the climate crisis presents CWCF Conference 2019:

Quebec Worker Co-op Summit, June 17, 2019 /Sommet des coopératives de travail de Québec, le 17 juin 2019

(le français suit) The Worker Co-op Summit in Quebec City takes place on June 17th, immediately prior to the Congress of Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada (“CMC”). This will be co-hosted by CWCF and the three Quebec WC federations.  Noam Chomsky will provide a video keynote.  The US FWC Executive Director, Esteban Kelly, will also be Quebec Worker Co-op Summit, June 17, 2019 /Sommet des coopératives de travail de Québec, le 17 juin 2019

Upcoming Conferences of Interest

The joint Conference of the Canadian Association for Studies in Co-operatives (CASC), Association of Co-op Educators (ACE), and the International Co-op Alliance Research Conference will take place in Montreal, May 27-30, and Kaye Grant will participate on behalf of CWCF.   The theme is Co-operative Entrepreneurship, and more information is available here:  The Congress Upcoming Conferences of Interest

Worker Co-op Summit

9 am – 5 pm:  Keynote, Plenary discussions, and break-out sessions. Evening: Networking Reception Maison de la coopération 155 Boulevard Charest E, Québec This Worker Co-op Summit will be an unparalleled opportunity for learning, networking, and being inspired –  aimed at members of co-ops associated with CWCF and/or the three Quebec worker co-op federations:  the Quebec ” Reseau Worker Co-op Summit

CWCF-CoopZone 2018 Conference Presentations

Click to view the following presentations from the 2018 CWCF-CoopZone Conference: Russ Christianson Financial Management of a Worker Co-op Pascal Billard New generation coops kristen Wittmen new generation coops   Marty Frost Financing your worker co-opChristina Baker CCIF financing for co-operatives Bill Dinsdale ACU financing your worker co-op  Cooperatives First    Social Enterprise Worker Co-ops  Co-operators CoopGuard and MBP         CWCF-CoopZone 2018 Conference Presentations

2018 AGM Materials

Below are the files you will want to read for CWCF’s 2018 AGM in Winnipeg.  We regret that most of these documents are available only in English.  / Nous regrettons que la plupart de ces documents ne soient disponibles qu’en anglais. Si vous avez besoin d’aide pour comprendre la langue, consultez en français s’il vous plaît avec 2018 AGM Materials

Presenters at the 2018 CWCF Conference

Christina Baker Christina is the Director of Community Lending for New Market Funds located in Vancouver. In her role, she leads business development and community lending for the $25M Canadian Co-operative Investment Fund. She is focused on investing in cooperative growth by providing financing that works for the cooperative sector.  She has more than thirteen Presenters at the 2018 CWCF Conference

Archived March 20, 2020 – Co-operation in the Changing World of Work

Canadian Worker Co-op Federation and CoopZone present Co-operation in the Changing World of Work  The world of work is changing. Learn from  people who’ve witnessed these shifts firsthand how increasing income inequality, automation, and climate change offer opportunities for co-operatives to provide work amidst extreme forms of disruption. (in partnership with MCA, CDEM, CCEDNet , Archived March 20, 2020 – Co-operation in the Changing World of Work

2018 Conference

CONFERENCE of the Canadian Worker Co-op Federation and CoopZone Theme: Co-operation in the Changing World of Work   November 1 – 3, 2018, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Humphry Inn & Suites Hashtag: #cwcf2018 Thanks to all who attended! Powerpoint presentations from the conference are posted here. Conference AGM materials as well as the draft strategic plan can be found here. 2018 Conference