CWCF February/March 2014 Newsletter

Find news and updates about CWCF and also information on our 2014 conference as well as other co-op news. Click here to read this news letter

CWCF January 2014 Newsletter

Our January newletter has some excellent articles on worker-co-ops, news from Just Us, information about some new books and a message from our Executive Director.  Click here to read it.

CWCF December 2013 Newsletter

Our December newsletter has lots of information including links to the wonderful IGNITE! presentations done at our November conference, and other news. Click here to read it.

New Worker Co-op Members

CWCF is growing!  We are thrilled to report that in the last few months, five new worker co-op members have joined.

1) THAAT Co-op, Hamilton, ON;  (“The Hammer Active Alternative Transportation Co-operative Inc.”).
2) Unite Strategy Digital Marketing Worker Co-op, Saskatoon, SK;
3) LeftHand Media Co-op, Burnaby, BC ;
4) Victory Gardens Co-op, Vancouver;  
5) Viridian Energy Co-op, Duncan, BC.

Co-op World Music Project

A Melody of Co-operation Around the World: CICOPA World Music Project, a Legacy of the International Year of Co-ops

Video about CWCF and Worker Co-ops

Recently Hazel Corcoran, Executive Director for CWCF, was interviewed for a video series being produced by The Co-operators;  a leading Canadian-owned co-operative with over 65 years of history. Members include co-operatives and credit union centrals from communities across the country,representing a variety of sectors.

Supporting Neechi Commons-symbolizing how Aboriginal People can regain control

Dear friends,  Open Letter to Winnipeg Re: NEECHI COMMONS

This letter is being circulated by the Canadian Worker Co-operative Federation on behalf of the signatories listed below.  These individuals are active in a cross section of co-operative and community economic development organizations as well as in universities.

CWCF November 2013 Newsletter

Read all about the CWCF - CoopZone 2013 Conference in our November newsletter.  Participant reviews and more. Click here to read...

CWCF-CoopZone 2013 Conference - Educating Each Other for Empowerment

CWCF-CoopZone 2013 Conference information is now available.  Presentations from the Conference, photos, and related documents are available.  Click here for more information.  You can also read our November 2013 newsletter which is all about the Conference.

CWCF October 2013 Newsletter

Our October newsletter has lots of links to new and interesting information about Co-ops elswhere, Co-op week here and a profile of our Merit Award 2013 Winner, Lynn Hannley. Click here to read the October 2013 newsletter.

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